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Ai chatbot for facebook, instagram, ecommerce, sms/email & social media marketing (saas)

AI Chatbot is an all-in-one marketing solution transforming customer engagement and business operations. The platform offers an advanced AI chatbot creator equipped with an intuitive Drag & Drop flow builder, eliminating the need for coding skills. Easy integration within Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM. These chatbots ensure 24/7 interactions, and swift responses, effectively engaging site visitors by providing personalized interactions & meeting diverse user needs and lead capture for boosted sales. What sets Chat Pion apart is its Advanced Dashboard, comprehensive Social Media Management capabilities, and a comprehensive suite that includes SMS and Email Marketing, Messenger-SMS and email Broadcasting, and the most advanced Social Media Posting with multimedia elements. This feature enables businesses to take customer engagement and interactions to a whole new level. Chat Pion also includes Comment Automation along with reply & private replies, a reliable support desk system, a complete blog infrastructure, multilingual support in 12 languages, RTL support, add-on compatibility, variety of payment methods for extended license users, and a White Label multi-user SaaS application that allows platform rebranding for personalized marketing services. The platform’s ‘Live Chat’ feature is a dynamic interface that facilitates real-time communication between users and agents while empowering active engagement through instant notifications. AI Chatbot E-commerce Store integrates seamlessly with Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM. It is also accessible through web browsers, allowing for direct product sales across these platforms, resulting in an effortless shopping experience, allowing higher conversion rates. AI Chatbot multifaceted approach empowers businesses to tailor and personalize marketing campaigns across multiple channels, ensuring broader outreach and sustained engagement. Businesses can craft and deliver compelling content, promotions, or updates through these tools, maximizing customer engagement while maintaining a consistent brand narrative across multiple communication channels. ChatPion redefines the basic concept of audience interaction, providing a versatile package to enhance online presence and operational efficiency across diverse platforms.

Garments erp industrial manufacturing apparel & textile industrial erp software

DISCOVER THE FUTURE OF GARMENT MANAGEMENT WITH GARMENTS ERP APPAREL INDUSTRIAL GARMENTS ERP SOFTWARE Welcome to the world of Garments ERP , where precision meets efficiency in the garments and apparel industry. Our tailored Enterprise Resource Planning software is your key to streamlining and optimizing every facet of clothing and textile management. Our Garments ERP keeps you in control by offering real-time insights into raw materials, fabric management, production progress, and finished products. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and waste, and welcome efficient quality management. It aids in planning production schedules, resource allocation, and order monitoring, leading to optimized production processes and reduced lead times. Your operations become smoother, more efficient, and more cost-effective. With Garments ERP, you can process buyer orders with ease, from entry to fulfillment and delivery. It ensures accuracy and punctuality, satisfying your customers and bolstering your market reputation. Efficient supplier management guarantees a steady supply chain, reducing production delays and boosting your competitive edge. Our software doesn’t stop at production – it’s equipped with financial modules that manage accounts payable, receivable, cost tracking, and budget management. It empowers you to make informed financial decisions and generates reports to aid in your strategic planning. Garments ERP offers apparel businesses heightened operational efficiency, reduced costs, greater customer satisfaction, and sharper decision-making capabilities. It’s your essential tool for thriving in the fast-paced and ever-evolving garment industry. Step into the future with Garments ERP and see the difference for yourself.”

Multi salon, spa, barber appointment booking system

Multi booking is one of the best spa, salon and any kinds of doctor appointment and schedules booking application with integrated CMS website. Using this system admin can Customize Service time slot, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Booking & cancelation limitation, Employee wise service and service price, Website appearance like (Logo, Theam Color, Background Image, Menu Color, FAQ, About us, Photo Gallery, Contact us, Google map) etc., Payment gateway configuration, User role & resource permission etc. as like user want. Easy Installation & Configuration This application is very easy to install. Any type of normal user can easily install it with just a few clicks with some basic information. after installation user can easily configure the application & website from admin panel without writing code.

Binance auto bot crypto sport future trading and multi user

Binance Auto Bot Crypto sport FUTURE trading and multi user is a system that you can create your strategy, the robot operates for you, you can operate several currencies at the same time, in different timeframes, being able to be in the SPOT market or in the FUTURE market using BINANCE The system has two sides, one for the customer account and the other for the administrator. In your Dashboard you can see the reports of all operations, manual or automatic Monitor currencies, and trade in the SPOT or Futures market. Strategy creation system in a simple way without needing to know programming, and it still has strategies used on other sites that it has using the WebHook.

Boosting your freelancing game ai tools for enhanced efficiency

AI tools: The freelancer's secret weapon AI tools have emerged as a powerful ally for freelancers across diverse fields. Wondering how incorporating them can enhance your everyday? Let’s explore some key benefits:

Create an saas web application

Creating a SaaS (Software as a Service) web application is an extensive process that involves various stages from conception to launch. Here's a high-level guide to help you get started: Conceptualization: Identify Your Niche: Determine the market need your SaaS will address. Define Your Value Proposition: Clearly understand how your SaaS will benefit users. Research Competition: Analyze competitive products to find your edge.

Help me create an etsy api integration.

Softnir! To create an Etsy API integration, you'll need to go through several steps to ensure you can access Etsy's API and communicate with it from your application. Here's a general step-by-step guide:

Help me create an mobile application

Creating a mobile application is an involved process that requires careful planning, design, development, and testing. Here are the general steps you would take to create a mobile app:

Help me create an manufacturing ad industrial software

Creating manufacturing and industrial software involves developing solutions tailored to the needs of production processes, machinery, supply chain management, and other industry-specific requirements. Here’s a structured approach to creating specialized software for this sector:

Help me improve load times for wordpress site

Improving load times for a WordPress site can be approached from multiple angles. Here's a checklist to help you get started:

Create and sell custom products online store and etsy api integration

If you're looking to create an online store for custom products and integrate it with Etsy using their API, you will need to follow these steps:

Help me amazon api indication my own store

I understand you're looking to integrate Amazon's API with your own store. That's quite a comprehensive task, but I can certainly guide you through the steps you might need to take.

Help me shopify api indication my own store

Integrating the Shopify API into your own store can enhance its capabilities significantly, allowing you to automate processes, synchronize data, and more. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started: